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Fishing for Trout, Salmon & Pike

Trout & Salmon Fishing

Colebrooke Park offers excellent trout fishing in 3 miles of the Colebrooke river and a number of hill loughs in the beautiful countryside of Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

Fishing on the Colebrooke river can produce trout up to about 3lbs and in September, if there is good water, much larger fish of up to 10lbs come up from Lough Erne to spawn. With some skillful fishing and a little luck it is possible to catch them!

Fishing for trout in the hill loughs is very good sport and although there are large numbers of fish under 3/4lb caught during the day, there are a significant number of between 1 and 3lbs caught late in the evening.

Colebrooke Park is within ½ hour of Lough Erne and literally dozens of small trout loughs.

We can also arrange for Salmon Fishing on the River Mourne, please contact us for further details.

Pike Fishing

Many people tend to think of pike fishing as rather boring coarse fishing – however at Colebrooke it is a very exciting Brooke family sport! There are quite large numbers of fish which average about 4lbs and we frequently meet 6-10 pounders. One fish of 20lbs was caught a mile outside our private water last year.

For something a little different you could try catching pike on the fly. This isn’t a new idea but in general pike flies need to be bigger and brighter than their trout fishing counterparts, with an extra bit of flash to attract those predators !!