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Deer Stalking

Whilst Deer Stalking at Colebrooke Park you have access to the full range of deer available in Ireland, Sika, Fallow and Red. Deer Stalking takes place over an area of about 7,000 acres (3,000 hectares), varying from lowland grasslands with small woods to upland heather clad hills with large conifer woods. It is all private to guests at Colebrooke Park and is personally supervised and organised on a daily basis by Lord Brookeborough.

Our Deer Stalking takes place at different areas as follows:

Colebrooke Park

The central estate is 1,500 acres and there is an additional 2,000 acres of shooting rights. This is a lowland area with field and acres of hard and soft woods. There are between 250 and 300 Sika deer depending on the time of year and the culling. We stalk in the early morning and evening. Normally in the morning we walk and in the evening we sit. We have never failed to give guests a very good chance at shooting a stag of their own choice. There are several high seats and many covered shooting boxes on the ground.

Favour Royal

This is an old estate of about 2,000 acres of mixed grasslands and conifer woods, and is only 20 minutes from Colebrooke Park. There are 150-250 Fallow deer of both light brown and almost black colours. Due to the undisturbed nature of this area the deer move throughout the day and so we can stalk them during daylight in good weather. There are some nice trophies to be hunted for.

Lough Braden

This is an area of 2500 acres of hill forestry with many wide rides and large open areas which have not been planted. It is located 40 minutes from Colebrooke Park. There are about 100 Sika deer and a few Red deer. Being on the higher ground the Sika trophies are not as strong as at home, and the Red trophies go up to about 6 kgs. This is nearly always daylight stalking and is very good exercise!

Rifles for Stalking

It may be easier to rent one of our rifles. There is no Firearms Certificate to be organised and providing guests bring proof of ownership of a rifle/or hunting permit and insurance then our rifles are available for hire. They are reliable and are mounted with scopes from Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski and LeUpold.

For information and downloads of relevant forms, click on the following link >>

Bringing Guns into Northern Ireland