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Colebrooke Spa

Colebrooke Spa is located in the courtyard adjoining Colebrooke House. Embark on a journey that will transform your physical and mental well-being with a luxury retreat in a stunning location.

The retreats are designed for men and women and absolute privacy is guaranteed. Each package includes access to the outdoor jacuzzi and sauna. A healthy light lunch will be provided. Choose from an exciting selection of retreats to suit your needs.

Decléor products are used in the spa and the peat products are provided by Prunty Beauty. Peat from the Colebrooke bog has been scientifically tested and the active ingredients from within it, with proven anti-aging properties, have been extracted and form part of some of these treatments.

Please remember to book any treatments at Colebrooke Spa in advance of your visit.

Visit the Colebrooke Spa website